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Thursday, March 8, 2012

List of NHLPA Licensees - National Hockey League Players' Association Licensees

Greeting folks!

This note is written by Scott Sillcox in early 2018 in response to a lot of readers asking me two questions:

A. You wrote and posted many of your blog postings several years ago, is the info still relevant today? Short answer - absolutely! The basics of sports licensing change very little over the years, so I strongly suggest that if you are trying to learn about sports licensing, read away! I have also tried to update certain areas where there have been significant changes, so I feel comfortable in telling you that this information is still highly relevant.

B. You mention that you are a consultant and might be able to help me, do you still do consulting? Short answer - absolutely. I work in the licensing field virtually every day of my life, so if you have questions or would like my help, contact me!

Many thanks and happy reading -
Scott Sillcox


Is it possible that you're been trying to find a list of NHL licensees? Hard isn't it! How about finding a list of NHLPA licensees? Even harder?

NHLPA new logo as of 2014-15

NHLPA previous logo

The good news is that you can breath a sigh of relief - you've found your list.

In early 2012 we launched a new, searchable Online Directory of 2500+ North American Licensed Sports Products Companies - it’s called LicensedSports.net and it can be found at that same address and costs just $59 to use for three months. This is a highly searchable directory of licensed sports products companies in North America, companies that have been licensed by various sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, MLS, Nascar, NFLPA, MLBPA, NHLPA and others). There is nothing on the internet that comes close to this resource. So please take advantage of this resource and "Search Away". If you're not sure if this database would be worth the investment, check out this 3 minute video that gives you a sense of what to expect.

One quick point about the NHLPA. They do actually have a list of NHLPA licensees - it's just not particularly full of contact information nor is it "searchable". But at least they have a list and that's a lot more than can be said for the NHL itself which doesn't provide a list of any type of their licensees. So hats off to the NHLPA for this great effort!

Now let me point out two especially useful features of our Online Directory:

1. The dynamic view of each company’s website – when you look at a company’s record, there is a live screen with their website right there on your screen.

2. We have tried our best to show one or more key contacts at each company, and wherever possible we have included email addresses, phone #’s, fax #’s and even Linkedin url’s.

This is intended to be a reasonably comprehensive and up-to-date listing of licensed sports products companies, but please understand no list is completely comprehensive or entirely accurate – we strive to do our best and over time this list will become even better. And remember, because this is a live, online directory, it will be constantly changing. I will be adding licensees as I learn about them, and deleting those who exit the licensed sports products business as well. If you have any comments or suggestions (and especially additions!), please email me at: ssillcox@rogers.com

Allow me to take a moment and explain NHL vs NHLPA licensing in case you are uncertain - you can read more about this in Part 7 of my 12 Part Blog on Sports Licensing.

- If a product requires the names, uniform numbers, images or likenesses of 3 or more current players, a player’s association (in this case the NHLPA) needs to become involved in addition to the league. This involves obtaining a joint NHL – NHLPA license.

- The National Hockey League Players Association represents all 750-ish current NHL players.

- Please visit this page in the NHLPA's website for a detailed description of each of the 35-ish joint NHL – NHLPA licensees.

- The NHLPA isn’t going to require that a licensee produce products for all current NHL players, and unlike the MLBPA they are not known for making demands as to who a licensee can or can't use or how many players you must use.

- If an NHL license requires a royalty payment of 11% (see Part 8 of my 12 Part Series for more on royalty amounts), a joint NHL - NHLPA license will carry a royalty payment in the order of 17%.

- I advise you to contact the NHLPA Mike Ouellet, Chief of Business Affairs, NHL Players' Association Ph:(416) 313-2300 mouellet@nhlpa.com and speak to their licensing team with any/all questions you may have. The NHLPA licensing team will be better able than the NHL Enterprises team to answer licensing questions about working with current NHL players.

Now back to the blog at hand...

While I encourage you to visit the actual website/online directory to get up-to-date (and far more detailed) information, here is at least a snapshot of NHLPA licensees in the online database as of March 2012.

List of NHLPA Licensees - List of National Hockey League Players'Association Licensees
Company Name
1 Aminco USA / Aminco International
2 Bleacher Creatures
3 Centura Brands
4 EA Sports - Electronic Arts
5 EA Sports Canada - Electronic Arts
6 Elmau & Associates / Souvenir Teez
7 FatHead- LLC
8 Forever Collectibles aka Team Beans
9 Frameworth Sports Marketing
10 Fremont Die
11 Game On Images
12 GameWear International / Wear The Game
13 Getty Images
14 Great Plains Cresting
15 Great Sports Art
16 The Highland Mint / Bullion International
17 IMAGIX†/ LDT Import-Export
18 Jellyfish Marketing Inc.
19 JF Sports Canada / NNL Enterprises
20 Karmin Industries
21 Knights Apparel- Inc.
22 McFarlane Toys / TMP International
23 MDI Entertainment- a Scientific Games Company
24 Mounted Memories
25 Mustang Drinkware / Mustang International Inc.
26 Name In The Frame / That's Me Sports / MVP Pics
27 The Northwest Company LLC
28 Old Time Hockey / Old Time Sports
29 Panini Group / Panini America
30 Pather Plastics
31 Perfect Timing- Inc.
32 Photo File Inc.
33 Reebok - The Hockey Company - CCM Hockey - Sport Maska
34 Sher-Wood Hockey Inc.
35 Sideline Sports
36 Skinit Inc.
37 Three60 Gear- a Division of A&E Group
38 Top Dog Collectibles Inc.
39 Trends International- LLC
40 Trends International USA
41 UPI Marketing Inc. / Team Keys
42 The Upper Deck Company
43 USAopoly
44 Wincraft Inc.

I have also attached a jpg of this same list showing the City, State/Province and Country of each of these NFLPA licensees. But once again, remember that if you go online to the searchable directory, you will get complete information including address and website, as well as contact information including phone, fax, email and in some cases Linkedin info.

List of NHLPA licensees

At some point you might ask yourself, why would Scott Sillcox spend so much time and effort to create this low-cost Online Directory of licensed sports product companies in North America?

The answer is simple. I have a fair amount of knowledge about the licensed sports products business, knowledge that seems to be in scarce supply, especially on the internet. After spending 15+ years in the licensed sports products business, I accumulated a wealth of knowledge that I am happy to share. This blog and the Online Directory are designed to share that information and are my way of giving back and helping people interested in the world of licensed sports products.

This blog and Online Directory are also my way of letting people know that I am a licensed sports products consultant. I am available to consult with existing and potential licensees and my goal is simple, to help you make money by being a better licensee and/or save money by avoiding licensing pitfalls. If you would like to learn more, please contact me: ssillcox@rogers.com or by cell 416-315-4736. I am here to help and I am a good listener! And if you are someone interested in becoming a sports product licensee and haven't yet read my 12 Part Blog called "An Insider’s Guide to the World of Licensed Sports Products in 12 Parts: Practical Lessons from the Trenches", I encourage you to read it - you can find it in the blog listing to the right of this posting. The introductory blog can be found here.

But most importantly, check out this searchable Online Directory of North American Licensed Sports Products Companies at LicensedSports.net - it costs just $59 for three months. And I update the database weekly, sometimes daily.

Thanks and Search Away!

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