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Thursday, March 8, 2012

List of NCAA Licensees - US College and University Licensees

If you have been searching the internet for a list of NCAA licensees, you may never find the answer, but this is perhaps as close as you are going to come. Allow me to explain...

When people use the expression “NCAA” in a licensing context, they are usually using verbal shorthand because what they likely were meaning was "US College and Universities" and not the actual "NCAA" itself.

In the grand scheme of things, there are effectively:

A. Five licensing bodies for NCAA schools/products
B. One licensing body for the actual NCAA

For the schools, the five licensing bodies are as follows:

Products bearing this logo have been licensed by CLC or SMA
1. A company called Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) which represents 200-ish US colleges and universities. CLC is based in Atlanta GA and is now owned by the IMG conglomerate. CLC was founded by Bill Battle in 1981 because his old coach at Alabama, Bear Bryant, asked him for business advice related to companies wanting to use his name and likeness as well as the schools name and logo. Visit their website for a list of the schools they represent. Products licensed by CLC use the logo shown above. CLC offers select licensees a license to produce a vintage product line called “The College Vault”.

Products bearing this logo have been licensed by LRG
2. A company called Licensing Resource Group (LRG) which represents another 200-ish other US colleges and universities. LRG is based in Holland MI and was founded in 1991. Visit their website for a list of the schools they represent. Products licensed by LRG use the logo shown above.

Products bearing this logo have been licensed by SMA or CLC
3. A company called Strategic Marketing Affiliates (SMA) which represents another 200-ish US colleges and universities. SMA is based in Indianapolis IN and was founded in 1997. Visit their website for a list of the schools they represent. Products licensed by SMA use the logo shown above.

Products bearing this logo have been licensed by Fermata College
4. A new company called Fermata College, started by several former CLC employees, has begun to make a mark in the collegiate licensing world. As of Jan 2105, they represent 4 schools, but a formible four - Miami, Kentucky, Georgia and Oregon. Fermata is based in Atlanta and was founded in 2011. Visit their website for a list of the schools they represent. Products licensed by Fermata use the logo shown above.

5. For the remaining 2000-ish US college and universities that have chosen not be part of CLC or LRG or SMA or Fermata, the licensing is done directly by the school.

For the NCAA itself, there is actually an official NCAA license – one that allows licensees to use the actual blue circular NCAA logo and the expression “NCAA”. And the licensing body for the NCAA name/logo used to be the NCAA itself, but now the NCAA has contracted with CLC to provide this service, so contact CLC. And if you would like to see a list of companies licensed by the NCAA itself, please see this list published by the NCAA.

In this blog (Part 3 of my 12 Part series), I estimated that if you were to combine all of the US college and university licenses (CLC + LRG + SMA + Fermata + direct with school + NCAA itself), you might find that there were:
Soft goods licensees: 1500 companies
Hard goods: 10,000 companies
Total: 11,500+ companies
Total retail sales: $5 billion
Jan 2015 note: I should have revised this figure some time ago. I believe that collegiate licensing totals between $10 billion and $15 billion retail, not the $5 billion that I and others have been reporting. The explanation is simple - CLC's 200-ish schools represent almost $5 billion of sales themselves, thus what do the other 2000+ school represent? I'd say at least another $5 billion to $10 billion.

So now that you have that background, let's get back to the concept of one large list of "NCAA" licensees.

In early 2012 we launched a brand new, searchable Online Directory of 2500+ North American Licensed Sports Products Companies - it’s called LicensedSports.net and it can be found at that same address and costs just $59 to use for three months. This is a highly searchable directory of licensed sports products companies in North America, companies that have been licensed by various sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, MLS, Nascar, NFLPA, MLBPA, NHLPA and others). There is nothing on the internet that comes close to this resource. And I update the database weekly, sometimes daily. So please take advantage of this resource and "Search Away". If you're not sure if this database would be worth the investment, check out this 3 minute video that gives you a sense of what to expect.

Let me point out two especially useful features of the Online Directory:

1. The dynamic view of each company’s website – when you look at a company’s record, there is a live screen with their website right there on your screen.

2. We have tried our best to show one or more key contacts at each company, and wherever possible we have included email addresses, phone #’s, fax #’s and even Linkedin url’s.

This is intended to be a reasonably comprehensive and up-to-date listing of licensed sports products companies, but please understand no list is completely comprehensive or entirely accurate – we strive to do our best and over time this list will become even better. And remember, because this is a live, online directory, it will be constantly changing. I will be adding licensees as I learn about them, and deleting those who exit the licensed sports products business as well. If you have any comments or suggestions (and especially additions!), please email me at: ssillcox@rogers.com

When it comes to NCAA licensees, I estimated that there might be 2500 companies. A large number of these companies would be licensed to produce products for one school, ie a school in their own backyard. What we have tried to do is to EXCLUDE the "single-school-licensees" from our list and instead try to capture those which are licensed to produce products for more than one school. As of March 2012, this list is about 700 companies, and I am sure we are still missing several hundred who are licensed for multiple schools. So please accept this list of NCAA licensees for what it is - a work in progress that is a whole lot better than almost any other list.

I encourage you to visit the actual website/online directory to get up-to-date (and far more detailed) information, but here is a snapshot of the 700+ NCAA licensees in the database as of March 2012.

List of NCAA Licensees - A combination of CLC + LRG + SMA + NCAA Licensees
Company Name
1 180s LLC
2 2Thumbs Entertainment
3 3BG Metal Art
4 4imprint Inc.
5 5th & Ocean- a division of New Era
6 A.T. Cross Company
7 A/M/G Company
8 ABS Notebooks
9 Academy Awards
10 Accolade Group / Accolade USA / Levelwear
11 Ace Bayou Corp.
12 Action Images Inc.
13 Active Helmets
14 Acushnet - Titleist
15 Adam Block Design LLC
16 adidas America / Reebok
17 Adventure Furniture Inc.
18 AES Optics
19 Air Electric Machine Company Inc.
20 Airbrush Unlimited Inc.
21 AJL Advertising Specialties Inc.
22 Akhil International
23 Akzo Nobel Paints
24 Alamo City Gold & Silver Exchange Inc.
25 Alan Nyiri Photography
26 All Star Dogs
27 All Star Fantasy Football Hat
28 Almand Inc.
29 Alpargatas USA Inc.
30 Alpha Sports Inc.
31 The Alumni Group
32 Ambrose Enterprises LLC
33 American Needle
34 American Pad and Paper LLC / Ampad
35 Amigo's Salsa
36 Aminco USA / Aminco International
37 Amparan & Company
38 Ann Peden Jewelry Inc.
39 The Antigua Group
40 AP Image Team
41 AP Images
42 Ardent Outdoors Inc.
43 Ardian Group Inc.
44 Arista LLC
45 Art and Stone
46 Art F/X
47 Art House Banners
48 ArteHouse LLC
49 Arthur Court Designs
50 Artissimo Designs / Artissimo Sports & Entertainment
51 Asgard Press
52 ATC Group Inc.
53 Atex Austin Inc. / Atex Printing
54 Atlanta Hosiery Company
55 Atrium Corporation
56 Augusta Marketing Products Inc.
57 Austin Embroidery L.P. / Austin Screen Printing
58 Austin Monogram & Embroidery
59 Austin Specialty Advertising Inc.
60 Authentic Street Signs
61 Awards Unlimited / NE
62 Aztec Collegiate / Aztec Promotional Group
63 B.S.I. Products Inc.
64 Baby Fanatic
65 Baden Sports Inc.
66 Baggo Inc.
67 Bagolitas by Janice LLC
68 Bakers Candies Inc.
69 Bakery Crafts / Jack Guttman Inc.
70 Bakins Ventures LLC
71 Ball- Bounce and Sport Inc.
72 Balloons Are Everywhere Inc.
73 Banshee Music
74 Barbarian Rugby Wear Inc.
75 Barhyte Specialty Foods
76 The Bean Bag Boys Inc.
77 Belle View Inc.
78 Benjamin Knox Gallery
79 Bentley Plastics
80 Bert Anderson Collection
81 Best of Times LLC
82 Best Promotions Inc.
83 Bethel International
84 Big League Promotions - See Rico / Tag Express
85 Big Time Jersey LLC
86 Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas
87 Bleacher Creatures
88 Blossom Bucket Inc.
89 Blue Shamrock Publishing Inc.
90 BMC Custom Eye Black
91 Bob Stephens & Associates Inc.
92 Bochner Confections Inc.
93 Boelter Brands
94 BÖfor Betsy
95 Box Seat Clothing Company
96 Boxer & Stone LLC
97 Boxercraft Inc.
98 Brax
99 BrettHand Inc.
100 Brice Caldwell Inc.
101 Brite Lite Logos
102 Broad Bay Cotton Company
103 Broadman Fine Arts Inc.
104 Brokaw Enterprises LLC
105 Brooks Brothers by Vesi Inc.
106 Build A Bear Retail Management Inc
107 Bunnies and Bows
108 Burnes Home Accents LLC
109 The Button Man Company
110 C&F Enterprises Inc.
111 C. Kirk Root Designs
112 C. R. Gibson LLC
113 C.A.L. Designs
114 Cadre Athletic Inc. / Next Inc. / NCC Apparel
115 Camel City Marketing LLC
116 CamoVision of Georgia LLC
117 Camp David
118 Campus Casuals by Club Colors - Tommy Hilfiger Golf
119 Campus Crew
120 Campus Crystal Collection
121 Campus Drive Inc.
122 Canyon Outback Leather Goods
123 Capsmith Inc. - See CSI Crown Series
124 Captivating Headgear
125 Captivating Headgear - See Top of The World
126 Carson Specialties
127 C-B Graduation Announcements
128 CC Creations Ltd.
129 CDI Corp
130 Celebriducks
131 Centon Electronics
132 Champion Sales & Marketing LLC
133 Charm 14
134 Charmed I'm Sure (CA)
135 Chelsea Trading Company- a div of Midwest College
136 ChemArt Company / Baldwin
137 Chicka-D LLC
138 ChicoEco Inc. / ChicoBag
139 Chiliwear LLC
140 Church Hill Classics
141 CI Sport Inc.
142 Claeys Candy Inc.
143 Classic Balloon
144 Classic Products Corp.
145 ClassWatch LLC
146 Clemco Products Inc.
147 Club Colors - See Campus Casuals
148 Coach Automotive Restyles LLC
149 Coffee Beanery
150 College Covers Inc. / Comfy Feet
151 College Kids LLP
152 College Spirit
153 Collegiate Camo Mascot Brands Inc.
154 Collegiate Carpets
155 Collegiate Marketing Services
156 Collegiate Pacific Co.
157 Collegiate Resource / Creative Knitwear
158 Collegiate Sunglasses LLC
159 Collegiate Surf & Sport
160 CollegiateJewel.com
161 Colony Holdings Int'l Ltd.
162 The Colors of Sports Inc. / Team Snacks
163 Colosseum Athletics Corporation
164 Columbia Sportswear
165 Comet School Supplies
166 Comfortex Window Fashions
167 ComfyFeet
168 Commemorative Brands Inc. / Balfour
169 Concept One Accessories
170 Conimar Corp.
171 Cook Advertising Specialties / Dapa Enterprises
172 Corporate Images Inc.
173 Coton Colors Express LLC
174 The Cotton Exchange / TCX LLC
175 Cotton Gallery
176 Coveroo
177 Craftique Manufacturing Co.
178 Craven's Coffee Co.
179 Creative Apparel Concepts Inc.
180 Creative Converting div. of Hoffmaster Group Inc.
181 Creative Point Inc.
182 Creed Rosary Mfg. Company
183 Croakies
184 CSA Inc.
185 CSI Crown Series- a division of Capsmith Inc.
186 CSI International Inc.
187 CT Beat
188 Cufflinks
189 Cumberland Designs
190 Curzon Promo Graphics
191 Custom Decor Inc.
192 Custom Direct LLC
193 Cutter & Buck
194 CytoSport Inc.
195 DadGear
196 The Danbury Mint / MBI Inc.
197 Daprato Rigali Inc.
198 Davis Group
199 Dayna Designs
200 Deluxe Financial Services Inc.
201 Design Source USA Inc.
202 Designcast Specialties / Seneca Foundry
203 DesignWear Inc. / Shirts 101
204 DGL Consumer Products
205 Diamond Sisters Chocolates
206 Disruptive Media Publishers Inc.
207 Divine Creations
208 Dixie Seal and Stamp
209 DMI Sports Inc.
210 Donegal Bay
211 DP Design
212 Dreamseats LLC
213 DRI Duck
214 Duck House
215 E&B Giftware LLC
216 E5
217 EA Sports - Electronic Arts
218 EA Sports Basketball - Electronic Arts
219 EA Sports Football - Electronic Arts
220 EA Sports Mobile Football - Electronic Arts
221 Eagles Wings
222 East End Ink
223 Eglomise Designs
224 The Emblem Source
225 Emerson Street
226 EnjoyLife Inc.
227 Enmon Accessories LLC
228 ES Robbins
229 Essex Manufacturing Inc.
230 Eton - a division of Tandy Brands Accessories
231 Eureka Woodworks Inc.
232 Evergreen Enterprises / Team Sports America
233 Everlasting Images Inc.
234 Executive Fan
235 EZ Vane Inc.
236 Fabrique Innovations / Sykel / Scrub Dudz / Collegiate Snuggie
237 Fan Creations
238 Fan Mats
239 The Fanatic Group LLC- a Consortium Company
240 FanBan LLC
241 Fanshoes Inc.
242 FatHead- LLC
244 Field Mouse Inc.
245 Fiki Sports
246 Fisher Rock Inc.
247 Float-U
248 Foam Fanatics LLC
249 FoneGear LLC
250 Fontis Solutions
251 For Bare Feet / FBF Sportswear
252 Forty Seven Brand / Twins í47 Headwear/ Banner í47 Apparel
253 Fossil / FMD
254 Four Point Products
255 Franco Apparel Group- a division of Infinity Group
256 Franklin Sports Industries Inc.
257 Fremont Die
258 Frenzy Sports Inc.
259 From The Heart Enterprises Inc.
260 Frosty's Specialty Advertising
261 Game Time Geeks / Flash Ventures / Tribeca
262 Game Time Watch / Game Time LLC
263 Gameday Boot Company LLC
264 GameWear International / Wear The Game
265 Garb Inc.
266 Gear For Sports
267 GelScrubs / Grey Hunt Holdings
268 Ghost Nest
269 Gibbs Smith - Publisher
270 G-III Leather Fashions Inc. / G-III Sports / 58 Sport
271 Gita Sporting Goods Inc.
272 Glass Glove LLC
273 Glitter Gear LLC
274 Glory Haus Inc.
275 GMaster LLC
276 Goalsetter Systems Inc.
277 Golf Design Inc.
278 Good Optical Services
279 Gorilla Marketing
280 Grandma Pants Inc.
281 Grant Dahlstrom Inc.
282 Great American Products
283 Greek 101 / Campus T-shirt
284 Gregory Morris Inc.
285 Grissom & Associates Inc.
286 Haan Crafts LLC
287 Haddad Apparel Group
288 Hallmark Cards Inc.
289 Hallmark Emblems
290 Halo Branded Solutions
291 Hand Tied Inc.- a division of JP Moran LLC
292 Hanna's Handiworks LLC
293 Harland Clarke Corp.
294 Harrow Sports Inc.
295 Herff Jones Inc.
296 Heritage Metalworks Inc.
297 Highland Graphics Inc.
298 The Highland Mint / Bullion International
299 Hinkle Chair Co Inc.
300 His Hands Laser Engraving
301 Historic Helmets Inc.
302 Holland Bar Stool Co.
303 Holloway Sportswear Inc.
304 Home Fields Inc.
305 Home Team Tables
306 Hood EZ
307 Hot Sauce Harry's Inc.
308 Hunter Canada
309 Hunter Manufacturing
310 Huskabear & Friends
311 I.D. Me Promotions LLC
312 ID Blingz
313 Ideal Images Inc.
314 iFanatic LLC
315 Imperial USA
316 Infinity Headwear & Apparel Inc.
317 Inflatible Images
318 Ink Images / Mid Life Ventures
319 Innovative Adhesives LLC
320 Inviting Company
321 Iron Stop
322 J America
323 J.A.G. Enterprises Inc.
324 J2 Licensing Ltd.
325 Jack Nadel International
326 JanSport- Inc.- a division of VF
327 Jarden Sports Licensing- LP
328 Jardine Associates
329 Jenkins Enterprises
330 Jenkins Sports Inc.
331 JerseyNaps from ThemeNaps LLC
332 Jon Hart Design Company Inc.
333 Jones & Mitchell Sportswear Inc.
334 Jostens Inc.
335 Joy To The World Collectibles Inc.
336 JTM Products
337 Jumpin Jammerz / AZ
338 Justin Brands Inc.
339 K & M / Nordic Co.
340 Kampus U LLC / Kashwere U
341 Kaskey Kids Inc.
342 Kelly Gale Amen Design
343 Kencraft Candy Inc.
344 Keyscaper
345 Kid N' Me Outerwear- a division of PAInternational
346 Kitty Hawk Textiles Corporation
347 KLJ Productions Inc.
348 Klutch Apparel / R-Texx Enterprises Ltd.
349 Knights Apparel- Inc.
350 Kolder
351 Kotis Design LLC
352 La Tortilla Oven LLC
353 LAD Apparel
354 Landau Uniforms Inc.
355 Landes Inc. / Desden
356 Lantrix Inc.
357 Laser Magic
358 Lasting Impression Promotional
359 Late For The Sky Production Co. Inc.
360 League Collegiate Wear
361 Learning With Little Folks
362 Legacy Athletic
363 Legendary Games / LGI
364 The License House
365 License Plates of Texas / My Plates
366 Lifeguard Press- Inc.
367 Lifoam Industries LLC
368 Lighthouse Imaging
369 Lightwear
370 Limerick Publishing LLC
371 Little Band Man
372 Little Earth Productions Inc.
373 Little King Mfg. Co. Inc.
374 Logo Chair Company
375 Logo Rugs Inc.
376 Logoart - A Division Of Herff Jones- Inc.
377 LogoFit LLC
378 Lone Star Publishing LLC
379 The Longaberger Company
380 Longhorn Trophies
381 Louis Garneau USA
382 LXG
383 Lyon Advertising Inc.
384 M. LaHart & Co. Ltd.
385 MacSports Inc.
386 Magnetic Memories Inc.
387 Main Event Apparel
388 Majestic Athletic / Majestic Industries / VF and VFC
389 Mama Says Wash! LLC
390 Manhattan Stitching Company
391 Manual Woodworkers & Weavers
392 Marketing Innovations
393 Marketing Results Ltd.
394 Mascot Books Inc.
395 Mascot Factory
396 Masterbuilt Mfg. Inc.
397 Matthew Powell Creations Inc.
398 Maui Jim Inc.
399 Max Lang Belts
400 Mayflower Distributing Co. Inc.
401 McArthur Towel and Sports- a Wincraft Company
402 M-Clip / RCT Companies LLC
403 McSteven's Inc.
404 MeadWestvaco Consumer & Office Products
405 Mee Too LLC
406 Meesh & Mia
407 The Memorial Licensing Company
408 The Memory Company
409 Mercury Luggage / Seward Trunk
410 Merge Left Inc.
411 Meyer Performance Composites
412 Michaelson Entertainment
413 Midwest College Mktg Group Inc. - See Chelsea Trading
414 Milestone Publishing
415 Milliken Rugs / Milliken and Company
416 Miner's Den Inc.
417 MJ Soffe LLC
418 Mod Enterprises LLC
419 Modern China Co. Inc.
420 Moon Shine
421 Mounted Memories
422 MP Direct Inc.
423 Mr. Bar-B-Q Inc.
424 MST Sports Imaging Inc.
425 Multiflex Designs
426 Mundi / Westport Corporation
427 MV Sport
428 My Team Silverware
429 My Team Tub Ltd.
430 Nebraska Sports Industries Inc.
431 Neil Enterprises Inc.
432 Ne'Qwa Art
433 New Agenda / College Laundry
434 New England Flag and Banner
435 New Era Cap Co. Inc.
436 New ICM LP
437 New Thermo Serv Ltd.
438 New World Graphics
439 Newton Manufacturing Company
440 NG Sports LLC
442 NorthPole LLC
443 The Northwest Company LLC
444 Northwest Manufacturing- Inc.
445 Norwood House Press Inc.
446 Noteworthy Collections LLC
447 Novelty Products LLC
448 Office Depot Inc.
449 Ohio Stoneware / On Campus Marketing LLC
450 Old World Christmas
451 Olivet International Inc.
452 Orion Photo Industries Inc.
453 Other Peoples Energy LLC
454 Ouray Sportswear LLC
455 Outdoor Cap Company Inc. / OC Sports
456 Outhouse Designs
457 Oxbay
458 Ozark Overall Company Inc.
459 P. Michael Inc.
460 Pangea Brands
461 Paragon Innovations Company
462 Paramount Apparel International / PAi
463 The Party Animal Inc.
464 The Pasta Shoppe
465 Patch Products Inc.
466 Patina Products
467 Payco Building Supplies
468 Payne Publishers
469 Pentavision Communications Inc.
470 Perfect Timing- Inc.
471 Perry Ellis International Inc.
472 Pet Goods Manufacturing & Imports
473 Pets First Inc.
474 Pez Candy Inc.
475 Photo File Inc.
476 PhotoFabrication Engineering Inc.
477 Pickering Creative Group Inc.
478 Picnic Time Inc.
479 Pine Decals
480 Pinemeadow Golf Products Inc.
481 Ping
482 Pinto Ranch
483 Plushland Inc.
484 Polymer Engineered Products
485 Popcorn Factory Inc.
486 Power Decal- a division of Axiz Group
487 Power Force LLC
488 Prange Aerial Photography
489 Premier Agendas Inc.
490 Prime Finish LLC
491 Printing Plus Inc.
492 PrintMailPro.com
493 Printworks Screenprinting Inc.
494 Pro Specialties Group
495 Pro-Ad Sports Inc.
496 Proforma OneSource Print and Marketing
497 ProGraphs
498 Promark / Team Promark
499 Promotional Ideas
500 Protective Industrial Products- Inc.
501 PTC International Inc.
502 Pure Country Inc.
503 Pure Orange Inc.
504 PUSH Branding and Design
505 Quick Draw!
506 R & D Specialty Company Inc.
507 R and R Imports Inc.
508 R.F.S.J. Inc.
509 Race Plates
510 Racing Reflections
511 Radia Enterprises
512 RAH Digital Creations LLC
513 Rainbow Sandals
514 Rally Face Inc.
515 Reebok - Mitchell and Ness Nostalgia Company
516 Reebok - Outerstuff- a division of adidas
517 Renaissance Imports Inc.
518 Replay Photos LLC
519 Rewards Inc.
520 Reyn's / Reyn Spooner Inc.
521 RG Apparel Group
522 Rhinotronix LLC
523 Rhode Island Novelty
524 Richardson Sports Inc.
525 Rico Industries / Tag Express
526 Riddell Sports
527 Right Thought Pens
528 Rink Printing
529 Riptide Water
530 Rivalry LLC
531 Roaring Spring Blank Book Co.
532 Royce Apparel Inc.
533 RUBE Enterprises
534 Ruffneck Wear- Inc. (Adidas Sub-Licensee)
535 RumbaTime
536 Ruppshirts Inc. - See Box Seat Clothing
537 Russ Berrie U.S. Gift Inc.
538 Russell Corporation / Russell Brands
539 Russell Stover Candies
540 S & P Specialties
541 S&R Sport
542 Samsill Corporation
543 San Marco International Inc.
544 Santa's Workshop Inc.
545 Sara Lynn Togs / College Concepts / Concepts Sport
546 Saturnian 1 Inc.
547 Scene Weaver LLC
548 Scentsy Inc.
549 Schroeder's Signs
550 Schutt Sports
551 Scottish Christmas / SC Sports
552 Screencraft Tileworks
553 SDS Design Associates Inc.
554 Seasonal Designs Inc.
555 Seasons Jewelry
556 Selma's Cookies Inc.
557 Seven Sons / Sterling Contract Packaging
558 Shady Peeps LLC
559 Shamrock-N-Roll Inc.
560 Shurtape Technologies LLC
561 Signature Announcements Inc.
562 Signorelli
563 Simply Green Solutions
564 Singleton Company
565 Siskiyou Gifts / Siskiyou Buckle Co.
566 Skinit Inc.
567 Skullcandy Inc.
568 Slugger / Louisville Slugger
569 Smart Dog Products
570 Smartphones Technologies Inc.
571 Smathers and Branson
572 SMI Creations Ltd
573 SnapShot U LLC
574 Soloff Price Gallery
575 South Bend Chocolate Company
576 Spalding / Huffy Sports- a Division of Russell Brands
577 Sparta Pewter
578 Spec Cast Inc.
579 Spirit Girl Couture LLC
580 Spirit Products Ltd. / MA
581 Spoonball LLC
582 Sportbox LLC
583 Sportfolio Inc.
584 Sportiqe Apparel Co.
585 Sports Brand Inc.
586 Sports Coverage
587 Sports Fan Products LLC
588 Sports Logo Lights LLC
589 Sports Solution LLC
590 Sports Tissues LLC
591 Sportschest LLC
592 Sportswear Inc.
593 Sporty K9
594 Squeak Me Shoes
595 SRI Monogramming Inc.
596 Stadium Associates
597 Stamps.com
598 Standard Chair Of Gardner
599 Steiner Sports
600 Sterling Athletics / Inspirit Inc.
601 Sterling Supply Inc.
602 Sticker Universe
603 Stockdale
604 Storm Duds Raingear
605 Strand Art Company
606 Strategic Printing and Mfg. Solutions
607 Stychs Fine Arts Inc.
608 Style Pasifika International
609 Style Pasifika International LLC
610 Summit Products LLC
611 Sun Hog Products
612 Sun Mountain Sports
613 Sunheat International Corporation
614 Suntime Linkswalker
615 Sustain U
616 Table Mate Products Inc.
617 Tagler Designs
618 Tailgate Clothing Company / T-University / Threadless
619 TDC Games
620 Teachers Publishing Co.
621 Team Athletics - See Outerstuff
622 Team Dynamics
623 Team Edition Apparel Inc.
624 Team Effort Inc.
625 Team Gift Shop Inc.
626 Team Golf / College Golf Gear / Alumni Golf
627 Team Grill Inc.
628 TeamHeads
629 Ted Crane - Artist
630 Teed Shirts
631 Tek Packaging LLC
632 Tervis Tumbler
633 Texas Imagineering Inc.
634 TexStar Marketing Inc.
635 That's My Ticket
636 Third Street Sportswear / UFS
637 Tiedman & Formby Vintage Athletic Co.
638 TLC Sportswear Inc.
639 To The Game LLC / Realtree Outfitters
640 Toegoz Inc.
641 Tokens & Icons / Premium Collection
642 TOMS Shoes Inc.
643 Top Line Screen Printing & Embroidery
644 Top of the World / Captivating Headgear
645 Topline Design Inc.
646 Topperscot
647 Topsox
648 Toy Factory LLC
649 Trademarx Wallcoverings Inc.
650 Traditions Artglass Studios LLC
651 Treasures & Trinkets Inc. / T&T Designs LLC
652 Trends International USA
653 Tribute Products
654 Tri-Lake Inc.
655 TrionZ / Colantotte International
656 Triple T Trading
657 Triumph Books
658 TruWest Inc.
659 T-Shirt International Inc.
660 Two Fish Concepts LLC
661 Ultimate Athletic
662 U-Name It
663 Uncommon LLC
664 United General Supply Co. Inc.
665 University Blanket & Flag Corp
666 University Co-Operative Society Inc.
667 University Frames
668 University Mosaics LLC
669 USAopoly
670 U-Trau Inc.
671 U-Wrap Inc.
672 Vacumi Inc.
673 Vantage Custom Classics
674 Varsity China
675 Varsity Vests
676 Vesi Inc. - See Brooks Brothers by Vesi
677 Victoria's Secret / VS Pink
678 Vineyard Vines
679 Virginia Diner Inc.
680 Virtual Greats LLC
681 Visionary Moments LLC
682 Vive La Fete Inc.
683 Wallcrashers / SPAR Promotions LLC
684 Warface By Design
685 Wave 7 Technologies Corporation
686 Welcome Labels
687 Wessco International
688 Westrick Paper Co.
689 Whirley Industries Inc.
690 Whitman Publishing / Dalmatian Press / Intervisual
691 Wilber Mfg. Co.
692 Wild Sales LLC
693 Wildcat Retro Brands LLC / Wildcat Apparel Group
694 Wildman Business Group
695 Willamette Team Sports
696 Wilson Sporting Goods
697 Wincraft Inc.
698 Winning Streak Sports
699 WNA
700 Wolf Manufacturing Company
701 Wood 'N Heirlooms
702 Wordyisms Inc.
703 XGrass Inc.
704 York Wallcoverings Inc.
705 Za-Meks
706 Zapp's Potato Chips
707 Zeikos Inc. / iHip
708 Zephyr Graf-X / Zephyr Headwear
709 The Zungz Company
710 Zynga

I have also attached a jpg of the same list showing the City, State/Province and Country of each of these NCAA licensees. But once again, remember that if you go online to the searchable directory, you will get complete information including address and website, as well as contact information including phone, fax, email and in some cases Linkedin info.

List of NCAA licensees - Page 1
List of NCAA licensees - Page 2
List of NCAA licensees - Page 3
List of NCAA licensees - Page 4
List of NCAA licensees - Page 5
List of NCAA licensees - Page 6
List of NCAA licensees - Page 7
List of NCAA licensees - Page 8
List of NCAA licensees - Page 9
List of NCAA licensees - Page 10
List of NCAA licensees - Page 11

At some point you might ask yourself, why would Scott Sillcox spend so much time and effort to create this Online Directory of 2500+ licensed sports product companies in North America?

The answer is simple. I have a fair amount of knowledge about the licensed sports products business, knowledge that seems to be in scarce supply, especially on the internet. After spending 15+ years in the licensed sports products business, I accumulated a wealth of knowledge that I am happy to share. This blog and the Online Directory are designed to share that information and are my way of giving back and helping people interested in the world of licensed sports products.

This blog and Online Directory are also my way of letting people know that I am a licensed sports products consultant. I am available to consult with existing and potential licensees and my goal is simple, to help you make money by being a better licensee and/or save money by avoiding licensing pitfalls. If you would like to learn more, please contact me: ssillcox@rogers.com or by cell 416-315-4736. I am here to help and I am a good listener! And if you are someone interested in becoming a sports product licensee and haven't yet read my 12 Part Blog called "An Insider’s Guide to the World of Licensed Sports Products in 12 Parts: Practical Lessons from the Trenches", I encourage you to read it - you can find it in the blog listing to the right of this posting. The introductory blog can be found here.

But most importantly, check out the searchable Online Directory of North American Licensed Sports Products Companies at LicensedSports.net - it's only $59 to use for three months. And I update the database weekly, sometimes daily.

Thanks and Search Away!


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  2. Steve -
    Many thanks for taking the time to write - all the best and let me know if you need any specific info.


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